Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cultivating Joy

Cultivating Happiness, 8" x 10" encaustic by Courtney Putnam

"Sometimes comfort isn't an action, but an open heart that you bring to a situation. Acceptance for others is rooted in accepting yourself. If you are tired today, emotionally vulnerable, or angry and frustrated, make room for it. Learn to gently say, I accept all of myself. I hold my feelings with tenderness, love, and comfort."

--Collette Lafia, Comfort and Joy


  1. So true that accepting others is deeply rooted in accepting yourself. The same goes for forgiving. You cannot forgive others until you can forgive yourself. Beautiful blog. Thanks for sharing this post. Namaste, Sherry
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    I'd love your feedback on my recent post, "Patience."

  2. Loved your trampoline dance. Put a smile on my face. Putting African music on awakens my hips, belly and heart.. and I paint and write. The body is a map to our entire life.. past, present and future. We hold every memory, feeling and belief in our cells...check out my site at and go to my gallery. Thanks :))))

  3. Thank you for visiting Sherry and Marta!

    I look forward to visiting both of your blogs!


    p.s. Marta, keep dancing and waking up those hips, belly and heart!

  4. is it about a meditative practice?? hope so, it's must be great!! need to try this methods