Monday, November 30, 2009


The picture above shows the art pieces that we created during the November 28 "Transforming Loss: Altering Photographs" workshop, the second rendition of this workshop that I have facilitated. Each participant created pieces that reflected aspects of themselves, their losses, and their healing journeys. At the end of the workshop, we set our pieces in our sacred candle circle, honoring each of the ways we expressed our unique selves through image-making.

Ann shows her art piece, full of light, healing, and love.

Dorothy pieces together images and colors, creating a tapestry of authenticity.

Karen makes the final touch on her piece, hammering in an important sound element.

Bethany examines her photographs, finding the ones that reflect her journey.

During the workshop, I realized that the symbol of my strength comes in the form of tree roots. So I created this piece above to honor the ways in which I carry my father's strength with me in the form of roots holding strong, settling deeply into the earth, always growing.

I also created another tribute piece to my father. The photograph depicts my father walking away, although, I like to think that he is walking towards something lovely, something so bright and comforting. He is always, ever always.

I want to thank the participants of this workshop for being themselves in the present moment, for risking to create art (yes, art can feel risky to some of us!), and for witnessing the process of each other. I feel grateful and honored to be your guide in this process of insight, healing, and transformation.

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