Friday, October 16, 2009

Letting Go and Transforming Loss

I created this piece with intuitive counselor/coach Karen Floyd at my side this past week (we often have working art days together). It didn't occur to me until just now how significant this piece is in light of the recent conversation we had on Karen's Power Talk Live radio show this morning. The topic was aptly "letting go." (Clearly that crow knew something I did not when I was creating this piece!)

If you'd like to listen to our conversation, you can do so here:

I was Karen's guest co-host and I spoke about grief and transforming loss in connection with letting go. I shared my experience with the losses in my life, most significantly the death of my father in 2008. We had such a fruitful conversation and I was honored to be asked to share my story, so thank you, Karen!

As I told Karen during the show, grief can be such an isolating feeling for those of us going through it. In my experience, it feels tremendously relieving to be asked how I am doing related to my loss. I feel seen, heard, and acknowledged. Often times people "give room" to the grieving person, not wanting to say or do the "wrong thing" and yet this distance and absence is sometimes painful for the person who is dealing with loss. As my friend Benjie said when advocating for those in his grief group, "Don't be afraid to talk to us." I fully agree. We won't break into pieces; we have already done that.

Karen's show is every Friday at 11:30am PST. You can call in to ask questions, offer insights, or receive guidance. It's a powerful forum for getting unstuck and understanding yourself in deep and meaningful ways.


  1. This piece is absolutely stunning. It feels lit from within.

  2. I agree with Binky--the piece is magnificent. Of course, I have been fascinated with crows for quite some time.

    It's interesting that a crow is the harbinger of the message to let go: crows are tenacious about grabbing what they want. But they are also very intelligent, and would know if something needed to be let go of.