Monday, September 28, 2009

Intentional Desires Workshop

Intentional Desires: An Abundance Box Workshop
Facilitated by Courtney Putnam, MFA, LMP

Saturday, October 17, 2009



Rising Bird Healing Arts
6316 9th Avenue NE
Seattle, WA 98115

Abundance [n]: great amount or supply; bounty, fortune, plenitude, prosperity, thriving.

What do you want to actualize in your life? Abundant creative energy? Exceptional health? A job you love? More confidence? Strong and enduring relationships? Financial security? More life-work balance? Greater spiritual fulfillment?

The possibilities for abundance in your life are great and many. All you need to do is dream a little, listen to your gut a little, plan a little, and take action a little. Take your first action steps with me as we create boxes that will represent our desires and house our aspirations.

Join me for an afternoon of envisioning your own abundance. In this hands-on workshop, you will explore your dreams and goals and create an abundance box as a visual representation of what you wish to manifest in your life. This is a time for thinking big, pulling your ingenious ideas out of the cobwebs of your mind, and giving life to your desires!

The purpose of an abundance box is to channel your intentions, goals, and visions into a symbolic artifact. Inside this box you will place small objects that characterize the things you wish to actualize. Think about what aspect of your life you would like to give a little positive intention. Are there goals and dreams you are ready to make real? Are you ready to take a significant leap?

In addition to decorating our boxes, we will also explore some basic principles of Feng Shui, which may enhance or inform the intention and placement of our boxes. Using a Feng Shui bagua (map) as your guide, you will determine where your box is best placed in your own home.

Come for an afternoon of creativity, positive intention, and play!

To Register: Email or secure your spot via PayPal below.

Cost: $50 (checks, cash, & credit cards accepted); space is limited to eight people so register early!

You bring (if you wish):
Any significant images, symbols, or objects with which to 1) decorate your box, and to 2) place inside your box.

I provide: Boxes of varying shapes and sizes, art supplies, collage supplies and decorative papers. Tea and light snacks will be provided, too!

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