Thursday, June 4, 2009

Alphabet Intentions, Part II

So the best part about setting the Alphabet Intentions is to finish your day with a little reflection on your words. At least this is my favorite part. And the key is that if you didn't resonate with one of your words during the day, you are allowed. There are no rules here. Intentions aren't about rules.

As a Reiki practitioner, I set an intention for each session I give. I set an intention for the highest healing good for the person I am working with. The intention I set in my session is more general and BIG ("highest healing good" is like having tea with the Buddha).

For your own intention setting, it can be meaningful to create specific intentions--ones that you can hold on to like a string of beads or a stone in your pocket.

And for my personal daily intentions, I find it affirming to see how I've interacted with my words of intentions. For example, I'll reflect on my words as they relate to today:

Safe: I went snorkeling on Napili Bay today with my mom and we encountered the most enormous turtle I have ever seen. I was three feet from him. He was well over 500 pounds and half the size of a hippo! The current kept pushing me closer to him (and the coral rocks nearby) making for a bit of an anxious encounter. Even with this sense of overwhelm and awe and strong current, I calmed myself by tuning into the strong, wise energy of the turtle and felt safe. I was able to move a distance away from the rocks to watch these huge creatures (there were actually two of them) eat seaweed and algae. The turtles were calm and felt safe with odd-looking creatures staring at them (people in snorkel gear do look like alien creatures, I think), so why shouldn't I?

See: Birds! This afternoon while I was on our lanai giving my mom a Hawaiian Oracle card reading, about 20 birds perched on the railings and roof edges to watch. They clearly weren't begging for food (we had already eaten lunch) and had no food out with us. It felt like a blessing to feel seen by them and for me to see them in a thankful way. We stopped our reading to take them all in -- in all their marvelous colors and shapes--before they flew off for other observations.

Soft: Today softness came in the form of feelings of forgiveness. There was a moment when I could have easily been hard on myself, but I instead breathed my way into being soft on myself, breathing in forgiveness.

Serene: I usually feel serene in increments. Today, I felt a steady stream of sereneness. I woke up with a slow Maui "go-with-the-flow" feeling and decided to ride with that. When one beach wasn't a fit, we moved to the next. No timeline. No fuss. Just us.

Sigh: Oh how helpful it is to sigh! Do you sigh often? Sometimes I think sighs are misinterpreted (I know that I sometimes confuse my partner's sigh with exasperation when he's really just tired or just breathing.) Sighing is good for the body. Notice how your shoulders drop when you sigh. So, today I sighed whenever I felt like it. I sighed a lot after the turtle encounter for sure!

That felt quite satisfying to reflect on my intentions. I feel like I now inhabit these intentions much more consciously having written about them. I wonder what new intentions will come tomorrow....

Let me know how it goes for you!

(Note: the picture above is a drawing in the sand of the sea turtle I saw--life size--with me face-planted in the sand for perspective)


  1. What a blessing to swim with those turtles. It sounds truly sublime.


  2. Geoff,

    Yes, indeed: a complete blessing.