Friday, April 24, 2009

Your Twelve Signs

Twelve Signs, encaustic, 8" x 10"
(click image for larger size)

I had a super-duper-fantastic day of "arting" today. For eight hours I stoked the fires of my creative spirit and I created several new encaustic pieces. The piece above is one of my new creations. If you click on the image to enlarge it, you'll notice that the following text appears below the yoga girl poses: "12 signs you're on the right path."

As is often the case in my creative process, I didn't quite understand this piece at first. What does this yoga routine have to do with being on the right path? As I meditated on this piece, I began to feel the connection--and I felt it in my body as if were doing the cobra stretch.

Walking down a path requires movement, action, motion--like yoga or walking or jumping on a trampoline. But how do you know that you're on the right path? The path that fits you and supports your dreams, goals, visions, and purpose? Often the feeling of "rightness," or what I like to call resonance, manifests as feelings and bodily sensations. When we resonate with something or someone, our body lets us know. The trick is to learn to listen to these signs, to recognize them, and to name them.

So I asked myself those very questions and decided to make my own list of the 12 signs--signs that come from my very own body--that I am on the right path with an issue or aspect of my life:

1. I feel inspired and motivated.
2. I feel excited, but not anxious in my belly.
3. My feet feel grounded to the earth.
4. I feel open in my heart and act compassionately toward myself.
5. I am able to articulate my thoughts and feelings honestly and genuinely.
6. My throat is clear and open.
7. My pelvis and low back are relaxed.
8. I get goosebumps.
9. I feel safe and protected.
10. I am able to take full, deep breaths.
11. A sense of freedom gives my chest an open feeling.
12. I smile more often.

What are the twelve signs that YOU are on the right path? Feel free to share your list in the comments box!


  1. 1. hope burbles up in my chest, making me want to positively burst outside of myself and do something...anything!
    2. the world seems like the channel was changed from ordinary tv to high definition, everything practically sparkles
    3. i feel confident and peaceful, not argumentative in discussing my beliefs with others
    4. i enjoy stillness and emotions
    5.i feel a spaciousness inside, as i embrace my truths rather than trying to cram myself into a tiny view of what/who i should be
    6. energy moves through me and into my situations
    7. i am content
    8. my sleep is deep and rejuvenating
    9. i seek out company of friends
    10. tomorrow is a welcome adventure
    11. my feet feel the earth and stability
    12. my body moves freely

  2. What a powerful list, Jenna! I love your image of the world being so clear, as if in high definition.

    I also resonate with #4: to enjoy stillness (and not fear it) certainly indicates that I'm on the right path, too.

    Thank you so much for sharing your "twelve signs"