Friday, April 24, 2009

Your Twelve Signs

Twelve Signs, encaustic, 8" x 10"
(click image for larger size)

I had a super-duper-fantastic day of "arting" today. For eight hours I stoked the fires of my creative spirit and I created several new encaustic pieces. The piece above is one of my new creations. If you click on the image to enlarge it, you'll notice that the following text appears below the yoga girl poses: "12 signs you're on the right path."

As is often the case in my creative process, I didn't quite understand this piece at first. What does this yoga routine have to do with being on the right path? As I meditated on this piece, I began to feel the connection--and I felt it in my body as if were doing the cobra stretch.

Walking down a path requires movement, action, motion--like yoga or walking or jumping on a trampoline. But how do you know that you're on the right path? The path that fits you and supports your dreams, goals, visions, and purpose? Often the feeling of "rightness," or what I like to call resonance, manifests as feelings and bodily sensations. When we resonate with something or someone, our body lets us know. The trick is to learn to listen to these signs, to recognize them, and to name them.

So I asked myself those very questions and decided to make my own list of the 12 signs--signs that come from my very own body--that I am on the right path with an issue or aspect of my life:

1. I feel inspired and motivated.
2. I feel excited, but not anxious in my belly.
3. My feet feel grounded to the earth.
4. I feel open in my heart and act compassionately toward myself.
5. I am able to articulate my thoughts and feelings honestly and genuinely.
6. My throat is clear and open.
7. My pelvis and low back are relaxed.
8. I get goosebumps.
9. I feel safe and protected.
10. I am able to take full, deep breaths.
11. A sense of freedom gives my chest an open feeling.
12. I smile more often.

What are the twelve signs that YOU are on the right path? Feel free to share your list in the comments box!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Letting Go" Series

My participants and I pose holding our drawings

Last night was my last "Learning to Let Go" workshop in this four-part series. What a lovely conclusion to this workshop experiment! In this final workshop, I incorporated some expressionistic drawing. After doing some deep belly breathing and scanning our bodies, we chose a part of the body that needed some attention. Then, with crayons, we drew what this part of the body felt like to us. Was it sticky, dry, hot, cool, pinched, open, scattered, focused?

Then we did some guided meditation with hot basalt river stones placed on our bodies and also some chakra opening exercises.

We then revisited our drawings at the conclusion of the workshop, adding and/or changing aspects to our drawings based on shifts that occurred during our meditations.

Here is my drawing:

In this piece I was focusing on what my anxiety feels like in my chest. The saturated red running top to bottom is the raw feeling and the red stars are like sparks that reverberate out and create anxiety in the rest of the body. After some deep breathing and meditation work, I revisited my piece and created a cool, blue opening that also radiated out, helping to soothe the hot, uncomfortable red spots. I am going to visualize that cool blue opening from now on whenever I feel my anxiety running through me like hot lava.

Try this:

Visually depict your bodily discomfort through art-making. This creating is not meant to be "good." Instead, it's expressionistic, messy, and full of personal symbolism. Once you have depicted this pain on paper, do something physical: deep breathing, walking, jumping up and down, meditating, doing yoga, primal screaming, drinking water, etc. Now return to your drawing to see if anything has shifted in this area of your body. Is there an opening that wasn't there before, as I experienced with my piece?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Special: Blossom

I gave my first two-hour "Blossom" special last night. It was delightful to witness my client discover the powerful blossoming energy inside her, making room for new growth in her life. As the flowers bloom and grow this season, so should we!

You begin the session by sipping hibiscus-citrus iced tea and enjoying a fruity snack while your feet absorb the warmth of a flower-infused foot spa.

During this quiet time, you will receive your very own journal and an "Inner Blossom" writing exercise.

Following this relaxing, meditative time, you will receive a reading of your solar plexus chakra (the seat of your personal power) accompanied by Reiki to soothe and open this chakra. The session concludes with a one-hour massage to release tension and stress, making room for positive growth and blossoming possibilities in your own life.

Cost: $125. Gift certificates available.

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