Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Winter 2009 Newsletter Has Hatched!

Happy March, everyone.

March just makes me want to, well, march. Or at least walk. On one of my walks yesterday, I encountered full-blown purple crocuses! Spring is on its way and boy does that lift my spirits!

Walks have been important to me lately because I have been hard at work on the Winter 2009 issue of The Healing Nest Newsletter. Computer breaks kept me from melting into the computer screen or getting a rigid claw of a wrist from gripping the mouse. This newsletter ended up being a whopper -- ten pages long! Below I have included the contents of this artful, healthful issue, along with links to the full PDF version.

I am happy to bring you the fruits of my labor! Enjoy!

peace & crocus power,


Winter 2009 Newsletter Contents

(To view/download the complete newsletter, click here.)

In this issue, you'll find...

What needs some attention? How can you respond to your mind/body/spirit in a way that will inspire, relax, and recharge you?

The Emotional Side of Bodywork
It was clear that my tension and holding was not purely a "muscular event." It became apparent to me that not only was my mind causing my arms to contract, but so were my emotions.

Elongate Your Mind
How many times do we keep trying to transform our thoughts with other thoughts by engaging in a sort of cerebral gerbil wheel, when perhaps what we need is to breathe or get a massage or do some yoga?

What Your Posture Might Say About You
People who embody the Overachiever Posture "live life in the middle of an inhalation."

Art Heals: Two Artists Show How Creating Art Can Be a Force for Healing
Featuring Karin Bartimole and Kathy (Alberta) McCullen

Cerebrum: Balance

By accessing both sides of your brain more equally, you may find that you start feeling a bit more balanced and integrated.

Rising Bird Healing Arts in the News!
In the March 2009 "Wellness" issue of Seattle Magazine, you'll find an article about Reiki, featuring Rising Bird Healing Arts!

Self-Care: Fun with Fascia!
Sometimes the aches and pains we experience as muscle tension may actually (or also) be indications of fascial adhesions.

An Art Show Close to My Heart
Because of your generous support of my art, I was able to donate close to $600 to the Kidney Cancer Association in honor of my dad.

This is What Doggie Reiki Looks Like
When we connect to a dog's heart center, we may well be connecting to their raison d'etre.

Creativity Corner
Art Prompt: "Harmony" / Writing Prompt: "Fabulous Feet"

(To read these articles in full, view/download the complete newsletter here.

Upcoming Workshops, Announcements, and Events

You, Yourself, and You: A Self-Portrait Workshop
Sunday, April 12, from 1-5pm at Rising Bird Healing Arts

"Learning to Let Go" Workshop Series
Tuesday nights at Rising Bird Healing Arts:
March 24 & 31; April 7 & 14 (7-8:30pm)

Next Art Show at Rising Bird Healing Arts
Friday, April 24; 6-9pm. More details to come!

Rising Bird Healing Arts

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