Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Give the Gift of Massage this Valentine's Day!

Happy February everyone,

I am delighted to have endured the two darkest (and longest) months of the year, and I feel inspired by the tiny buds and blossoms emerging out in nature.

One of the joys of February is Valentine's Day! This Valentine's Day, consider giving the gift of massage and bodywork to yourself and loved ones. There is nothing like healing, therapeutic touch to relax the body, clear the mind, and open the heart.

I provide gift certificates for all of my offerings, including massage, Reiki, hot stone massage, spa treatments, and more. Feel free to visit my sessions and rates page for more details.

Gift certificates are available for my two-hour Winter Special "Chocolate Indulgence" as well. For details about this special, click here.

I also recommend my Two-hour Heart Chakra Session called "Open Heart." In this session, I invite you to open yourself to the gifts of the heart chakra: self-love, forgiveness, compassion, and grace.

This two-hour “Open Heart” session includes:

• A soothing rose water foot bath, strawberry-rose iced tea, and a light snack.

• A “Self-Love Valentine” writing prompt and art exercise (all art supplies provided).

• A combination of massage, Reiki, and guided visualization to support, soothe, and open the heart chakra.

• A “Heart Chakra Kit,” including a rose quartz stone and aromatherapy spritzer. (Cost: $150)

I wish you all a month of peace and abundance!

All the best,


Rising Bird Healing Arts

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