Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winter Special: Chocolate Induglence

I'm salivating just thinking of the two-hour special I've devised for this winter season. It's full of wa
rmth and chocolate. Yes, my friends, chocolate!

Here are the delicious details:

* A warm cup of hot chocolate or chocolate-hazelnut tea and a light chocolaty snack to awaken your senses.

* A chocolate-vanilla footbath and a full-spectrum light therapy treatment for a mood boost.

* A deep heat paraffin hand treatment to soothe joints and moisturize your hands.

* A one-hour chocolate-scented massage with infrared heat lamp for ultimate warmth and relaxation.

* A chocolate-scented mister to take home.

Cost for these two-hours of chocolaty goodness: $125.

Gift certificates available.

To make an appointment, email Courtney at cputnam@rising-bird.com.

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