Monday, December 29, 2008

Being Bold in 2009

Right now I am sitting in my friend Kristen's living room as we swim in the creative waters of our weekly writing group. She's clicking away on her laptop and I've moved from some fantastic messy journaling in my notebook to writing this blog post.

My fantastic messy journaling brought forth the feeling that I want to be more bold in 2009. What about you? Could you use a little spotlight shining on some aspect of your life?

It can feel risky to put yourself out there, to take a chance on an opportunity, to be, well, visible. I don't know about you, but I have always struggled with the idea of being seen, noticed, salient. There's a significant part of me that would prefer to live behind the scenes, to move through the universe unnoticed. But then there's this desire--perhaps it's more like a calling--to force open the red curtains and be center stage. I figure that there's a reason for my desire to be noticed and influential. I figure I might as well play with this energy and see where it takes me.

For 2009, I intend to play with BOLDNESS. Over the past few years I have experimented with boldness by hosting art shows, submitting my writing for publication, and generally putting myself out there to promote my business. I intend to continue these endeavors as well as to find specific ways to take risks like writing articles for massage and healing magazines, showing my work in galleries and cafes (not just in my home), and (gulp!) facilitating many more workshops and seminars.

How might you be more bold in 2009? Maybe tap dancing or dyeing your hair blue or auditioning for a play will help you embrace the shining star that you are. Or maybe you want to be more assertive with others, expressing to others how you truly feel more often. As you contemplate what bold acts might be positive forces in your life, remember to be as specific as you can with those things you intend on pursuing. And feel free to be wild and crazy with your bold dreaming. You need not actually do everything you come up with. Sometimes just freeing yourself up to imagining yourself doing some bold thing will spark a positive and life-affirming energy inside you.


  1. Courtney,

    I love this post! I find that I dance that same line. In promoting my business, I've had to step into being more bold. What great ideas. I think you are such a great example of how to be bold. I look forward to seeing your art in a gallery. It's beautiful stuff. Thanks again.


  2. Elizabeth,

    I love how we can draw on each other's boldness. I see all that you are doing with your business and it makes me feel like being more brave, and feeling more in line with my callings.