Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Change Art

In the fall issue of The Healing Nest Newsletter, I include an art prompt related to the theme of change. This art piece above is my response to the exercise. I call my piece, "Breathing and Blooming in the Face of Loss."

What are you called to create when you reflect on the theme of change in your life? If you feel inspired to share--either in art or writing--what change you are experiencing, I would love to hear from you! Either post on this blog, or feel free to send me an email at Perhaps I can even convince you to share your piece in my next newsletter (hint-hint).

Here is the art exercise description:

Art Prompt: “Change”
As much as we might try to fight the statement “The only constant is change,” it seems rather true, doesn’t it? For this exercise, think of a change that you have endured, a transition you are currently going through, or a transformation you would like to take place. This change could be an internal one, like a change from uncertainty to self-confidence. It could also be more external, like a change from living in Los Angeles to living in Seattle. Whatever change rises to the surface, it’s time to explore its characteristics. Does this change make you feel light and buoyant or heavy with dread? What colors and textures come to mind? What images bubble to the surface? Explore this change with whatever artistic medium you are called to use.


  1. Courtney, I love this prompt! For me this week I'm just full on into Day of the Dead creations. Looking at the transitions from life to death, the thinning of the veil, the art of the sugar skull. Will be posting a full full full exploration of this later this week. It's funny but changing my perspective of death has shifted so much for me. I used to dread change. It all felt like a step closer to scary horrible death. But since learning to play with death, dance with skeletons, make art of the skull, I've felt beauty, lightness. A release of the fear, so that I'm not so afraid to take the next step forward, to fully be in my body as transitions happen to it, etc. It's a weird paradox. I'm so grateful for conscious consideration of both life and death. ?? :)

  2. Kara,

    Your Day of the Dead creations are amazing! And how powerful that you found the process of creating them so healing.

    What a profound shift you've experienced with the idea of change. You're right, when you take the fear (like death) out of the picture, transitions don't seem so frightening.

    Someday when I am less attached to the loss of my dad, I'd love to play with skeletons and other death imagery. In a way I imagine by doing so one demystifies death and embraces this great paradox.

    Thank you for sharing your process -- and for just being you, Kara!


  3. Wow, beautiful blog...have been reading and gazing. Just beautiful